Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Site of World War Three

Ok, so the title might be a little dramatic but what’s happening a few miles North of our shores is so ridiculous that it might just end up spelling the biggest socio-political disaster of our time. For those that are unaware, the Arctic has recently been the site of some pretty serious border disputes involving major fuel-hungry countries.

Following a massive international failure to secure the same kind of protection that Antartica has enjoyed, we now play witness to the steady march of the oil machine. Russia, Canada, the United States and Denmark (controlling Greenland) are all reviewing their position and exploring their options. In the meantime controversy has already hit the headlines when a Russian submarine planted a flag on the Arctic seabed as an act of provocation designed to show they mean business. What they have really shown is that they are impotently greedy and incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

By drilling in this incredibly delicate and already environmentally trampled environment we are doing nothing but selling ourselves out for a quick profit. The natural repercussions are massive and the only benefit is to boost the economy (for a short while) of countries that thus far, rather like drug addicts, seem to look for more places to score their filth rather than work on kicking the habit. One day there won’t be anywhere left to dig and we will probably regret wasting all this valuable research time and money in silly disputes and flag planting exercises.

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