Monday, 4 August 2008

Be Active and Eco at the Same Time

With global bicycle sales at an all time high (they actually sold more bikes than cars in the US this year) you would be excused for thinking that a transport revolution is taking place. Whilst this may be true at home, it is also expanding into our holidays as active tours are experiencing something of a boom.

It makes total sense. You go to some nice part of the world, you forget the noise and chaos of driving on congested roads and instead move from town to town in a more relaxed pace that allows you to enjoy all the sights and smells of the region you have come to visit. Not only is this a carbon-free way to move around it is also incredibly healthy and rewarding. Biking and hiking are what I like to call "effortless exercising", not because it's undemanding, but because as you are taking in the views, enjoying the breeze it is actually easy to forget you are working out!

If you think that in England alone people booked around £120m (450,000) worth of cycling holidays in 2006 you can see that the sector is in fact a very prosperous one. If you add to this hiking, kayaking, climbing and even swimming holidays you start to get a picture of a consumer wanting to do more for themselves whilst at the same time (maybe inadvertently) helping the environment.

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