Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Natural Swimming Pond

What is a natural swimming pool?

A natural swimming pool/natural swimming pond is specifically designed so you can swim in pure, clear water with no chemicals. Its design can range from formal to entirely natural, and it is all at once a practical swimming facility, a beautiful landscape feature, and a wildlife sanctuary.

Natural swimming pools have the advantages of conventional swimming pools, but also look beautiful and respect the environment, offering a fresh and vivid display of nature in your own garden. They are the next step in man-made swimming facilities, combining design, an understanding of how ecological systems work, and the very latest in bio-technology to produce one of the most innovative and complete garden features available.

Case study

Foxhills is a 400 acre resort near Heathrow. We built a formally-designed 10m x 3m natural pool as part of their spa garden last summer.

Marc Hayton, Managing Director of Foxhills, says:

“Guided by our consultant, Michelle Hammond, we wanted to extend the spa experience into a beautiful private garden, enabling members to enjoy the space and fresh air. The Natural Pool combined the peace of water, the hydrotherapy benefits of cold water; being organic supported our focus on wellbeing and it's a real talking point. In a crowded market place, being the first club in the UK to have one didn't hurt, either.

Everyone loves it. Having an innovative product can lead some suppliers to focus less on the customer, but this is not the case when choosing GartenArt. Tim and the team were as excited about the Foxhills project as we were. They were a pleasure to work with and even attended the launch, following me into the pool one chilly November morning. True commitment.”

For more information contact:
gartenART Natural Swimming Ponds
020 7183 3333

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Beautiful, sculpted landscaped natural pools, eco friendly and environmentally sound our pools use non-chemical filtration systems to maintain naturally pure, clean water.
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solanarecyclers said...

Such gorgeous stuff! I will suggest this place to all my friends and family as well.

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