Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Eco Gadgets for the Home

Assuming that 2009 has started for you in the same way that it has for the rest of the country, you might be looking for clever little ways of saving money around the house. These are some of the little gadgets that we thought worthy of your eco-home.

For the kitchen we bumped into something unique and probably quite useful. How many times have you thought about growing your own vegetables but the weather, or the lack of garden, has stopped you? You can now invest in the AeroGarden (available on and to help you grow lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers and more in an energy-efficient way and right in your kitchen! The kit comes with pre-seeded growth medium, fertilizer, two daylight-spectrum bulbs and the grow pod itself. The plants start to grow within 24 hours, and they mature 5 times faster compared to ordinary soil.

For the laundry room, try this little gadget. The BioWashBall (available here) is an eco-friendly method for washing your clothes without using any washing detergent. The BioWashBall uses specially developed ceramic beads that release negative ions and weaken the adhesion of dirt to fabric. It also increases the pH level of the water in the washing machine (simulating soap powder). It’s the combination of the high pH and the negative ions that helps release dirt from your clothing. The BioWashBall can be used for 3 years on the basis of one 9lb load of laundry per day. That can save big money! Every month, the BioWashBall is ‘recharged’ by placing it in bright sunlight for 2 hours. So: no harsh chemicals and no money spent on soap powder, everyone is a winner!

And for the garden or maybe the office, why not get yourself some eco-music? The Eco Travel Speakers use no batteries, are made of re-cycled materials and fold flat for storage and transport! (available here). Each speaker folds flat for convenient storage and portability; this makes them perfect for use in the garden or on the road (festivals, events, the park, camping, etc). They are universally compatible with all IPods and Mp3 players and once again: no batteries!

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Sara said...

Would like to suggest an eco resort for your listings - La Cocotera Eco Resort in La Barra de Santiago, El Salvador. Check it out!

Excellent blog by the way! Very well put together and a lot of very interesting articles. Keep it up!

Editor said...

Thank you Sara - We have contacted them today - Admin