Thursday, 4 September 2008

Eco-Camping with some Green Gadgets

A great way to have a fantastic holiday, enjoy fresh air and nature, and massively reduce your travel carbon footprint is to go camping. So here are a selection of interesting and odd gadgets that will make your camping trip that little more eco-friendly!

So you're in the middle of no-where and your mobile phone runs out of juice? Maybe it's an emergency, or maybe it's not? Everyone has hit the issue of a dead battery at some inconvenient time, and that's where the Solar-Powered Mobile Phone Charger comes to the rescue! The charger has an internal battery, that when topped up via solar energy, can charge a range of devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 players and mobile phones!

If you want to escape the mobile phone, but want to keep in touch with the kids or family as they go wandering off, then this Hand-powered 2-way Radio will do the trick. A few cranks of the handle to charge it up, and then talk away! You can also listen to the AM/FM radio if you want to chill out to a little music too.

Now if you're camping, you've got to eat. If you don't want to take a load of picnicware with you on your journey, then this Bio-degradable Picnic Set can be discarded and it'll break down in a matter of weeks. No mess, no hassle and it doesn't harm the environment either!

This gadget is a real cracker. It's called the Sh*t Box. When nature calls, this collapsible cardboard-based toilet has special bags that go inside the box to allow you to discard the waste safely. You simply bury the bag and the waste, and it will biodegrade in a fairly short period of time. It saves using harmful chemicals too! Great for those music festivals I think.

So there you go, interesting and useful eco-friendly gadgets for your next camping trip!

This guest post was written by Daniel Harrison from Daily Eco Tips and Dan's a great fan of cool gadgets that actually benefit the planet. Dan also likes to help others to take a greener path in their life.

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Mark said...

The team at Eco Trend Spotter think that this is a great list of eco item to take on a camping trip. We will definitely have a look a reviewing some of them

Bambi said...

Those green gadgets will keep us closer to nature on our camping trip.

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latest gadgets said...

sure enough camping will really be enjoyable with these latest gadgets.